Be Safe, Not Sorry about Antivirus Protection



We’re hearing more and more stories of global corporations brought to their virtual knees by malware that holds their files for ransom.  What’s worse is reports of paying that ransom, usually at exorbitant rates, and receiving nothing in return.   Your intellectual property is under attack more than ever.  When we first learned we’d be cruising the information highway, we didn’t imagine the pile ups and heaps of trashed files and operating systems caused by Trojan ware, malware and cyber security breaches that are strewn along it now.  It’s as wild as the old west out there, and somebody’s got to tame it.  Fortunately, there’s a new sheriff in town, ready to protect you from the bad actors who threaten to steal your brand, identity, wreck your files and hold you for ransom, and that’s Norton Antivirus.

If Norton Antivirus software is the sheriff, his deputy and side-kick is Groupon, for together they deliver a one-two punch that will knock out the threats to your online presence and identity.  And save you money in the process.  That’s because they have teamed up to offer great discounts on Norton Antivirus products you can use every day to bring you peace of mind.  And if you’ve ever wanted to find information all in one place about the things you can do to keep you safe, check out the videos, articles and educational materials they regularly post for you to read.  If you’re curious about ransom ware and want to know if you’re susceptible to it, you can read what they have to say, and find out what you can do to protect your os.  If you have doubts about using public wifi, they explain the benefits and risks very well.  And they offer products and services to keep you safe and secure when using your mobile devices as well.

Norton offers a wide variety of products at affordable prices that cover a wide range of needs.  Including $60 off defense against Wanna Cry ransom ware.  And there are other deals that knock off $30 on your purchase of their most popular antivirus protection for one year, and too many other codes and promos to mention.  They say it’s better to be safe than sorry.  If you’re concerned about the safety of your brand or personal space, trust Norton Antivirus software.

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